Monday, March 5, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS HILARY! A Very Cactus Flower Baby Shower...

Our Hilary is expecting any day now so we showered her with love, affection, and sushi!

We're pretty sure she loved all her personalized gifts, including some mini vintage dresses to start her baby girl off on the right frock! 

You know we love any excuse to dress up and celebrate! Fancy lady hats were mandatory attire.

Jill, owner/founder of CF hosted and stuffed us with amazing sushi & other goodies! No, that's not a new tribal style necklace she's wearing -- that's the baby shower game where everyone wheres a string, and you steal a clothespin any time someone says the word "baby"!

Right before the madness of Spoons ensued...

We had a contest to see who could write the most unique word associations with the word "baby". Blame the champagne or the beatnik headwear, but everyone's readings turned out more like a themed poetry slam than a baby game... *cue finger snapping*

Congratulations and good luck Hilary!

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