Monday, April 30, 2012

vintage now online!

Exciting news....

 Yes, it's true! We now have authentic vintage pieces online that you can't find anywhere else.

Click here to shop vintage!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For the first time EVER, Cactus Flower is carrying swimsuits, and I'm pretty sure these retro, feminine styles fit us absolutely perfectly.  Whether you're just reminiscing Spring break or already planning for summer, here's a little mini-editorial we made to get you as excited as we are!
The unique sunglasses (most styles always only 12 bucks!), slushy-colored scarves, floppy hats and swimsuits pictured can all be found in-store. ♥

Friday, April 13, 2012

spring in your step!

If 60s-inspired crocheted oxfords, open toe flats, and 70s-amazing heels in mimosa orange and bloody-mary-red don't get you excited for Spring, we're not sure what will. These styles are bound to inspire three-hour brunches, porch hangs, day dates and meandering iced-coffee strolls. These are IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE for now. Check back next week, our out-of-town friends, to shop these styles in our online shoppe! Be well & happy Spring, lovely ladies.

Monday, April 2, 2012

six selections for Spring!

Usually Springtime = Attack of the Floral Dresses downstairs, but this year we have an amazing mix of classic feminine pieces along with funky prints (sailboats, rick-rack, bows, unicorns, cats, sunglasses, owls... seriously, you name it), all-American tomboy styles (think Now & Then, with better shoes) and everything in-between. Here's just a few of our picks to get you started!

 FROM L-R, TOP ROW: #10153 Pink dress $44 // #10075 Blue plaid shirt, $60 // #10094 Sailboat dress, $44
FROM L-R, BOTTOM ROW: #9619 Blue stripe shorts, $40 // #10208 Rick-rack tank, $42 // #10212 Beige skirt $42

Do keep checking our online store for new additions, but these styles above are currently exclusively available in our store on Kirkwood Avenue. So if you want to visit these babies in their full glory, come see us!