Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shop Cactus Flower Online!

Are you stuck inside, unable to make the trek outside to go shopping?

No Problem! Check our blog for items available for sale online!

Please contact cactusflowerclothing at gmail dot com for payment options, shipping details, and any other inquiries!

Thanks for looking!

Item #1: Vintage Ferragamo Pumps.

Soft brown leather loafer pump, slightly worn on the bottoms, size 8.
Price is $25 plus shipping.

Item #2: Summer Time Casual Pumps

Cool, casual, white and blue heels with metal rope detail. Size 7.5 W.
Price: $20 plus shipping.

Item #3: The Black Bag

Classy 50s bag with gold lining. Slight scratches and dents on back side of bag.
Price: $30 plus shipping.

Item #4: The Blue Bag

Blue 40s bag with suede lining. Cute green arrow insignia on the inside.
Slight scratching near bottom of bag, otherwise in amazing condition!
Price: $30 plus shipping.

Item #5:  The Fancy Bag

50s clutch bag with metal strap.
It's a snazzy bag, but it's missing a few of the shiny gems along the top.
Price is $30 plus shipping.

Enjoy your shopping, remember we're open during the week from 11-7, on Friday and Saturday until 8, and on Sunday from 12-6:30. See you soon!

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