Monday, November 29, 2010

New! Betsey Johnson Tights at Cactus Flower

Tights: Betsey Johnson. Boots: Thrifted. Top and skirt: thrifted from the vintage section of Cactus Flower.

We just got several pairs of these amazing Betsey Johnson tights. Wear 'em under skirts, cutoff shorts or even dress down a cute floral number! When it gets cold, you can play around with layering different patterned tights. 
Not only are they lovely and well-made, they allow us to represent a wonderful designer who has been a big name in the fashion industry since the '60s.

Betsey Johnson in 2004. 

Some Background on Betsey:
Betsey Johnson, now in her sixties, got her start fresh out of college (Pratt Institute + Syracuse University) when she entered and won a guest editor contest at Mademoiselle magazine. She continued advancing in the fashion world and was a large part of the late sixties "youthquake" fashion movement and Warhol's factory scene, along with colleagues like Edie Sedgewick and Lou Reed. She was actually married to The Velvet Underground's John Cale, but divorced him almost immediately.

Edie Sedgewick wearing Betsey Johnson, late 70s

She opened her own boutique on the Upper East Side of NYC in 1969, after a brief stent as the in-house designer at a Manhattan boutique, Paraphernalia. In the '70s she ran the rockinest of rock n' roll fashion labels, Alley Cat!

Betsey in the late 60s, Paraphernalia days. 

A Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat label from the 1970s.

She started her own line in 1978. She is known for coming out at the end of her fashion shows to do cartwheels on the runway.

Her penthouse in NYC, which she designed and then sold for $3.6 million. Whoa.. 1,660 square foot of pink!

A Betsey Johnson label from the 1980s. 

Next to the Betsey Johnson Legwear, you'll also find tights and knee-highs from French Curve and Free People. 
Come into the Cactus and explore our accessories! 


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  2. a friendly FYI:
    Edie Sedgwick died in 1971 so the photo captioned "Edie Sedgewick wearing Betsey Johnson, late 70s" is incorrect.
    I believe the photo is from 1966. :)